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  1. pplhg


    Hi I’m Mike Welcome all off ya
  2. G

    Hi to everybody

    Good morning/ afternoon, my name is Gabriel and I’m from the Netherlands. I’m working as HVAC eng. in different branches. Interested in a lot of stuff. The last one is IPTV and system itself. Thank you!
  3. D


    Hello everyone, Thank you for the warm welcome and it’s great to be part of a helpful community. I’m pretty dumb when it comes to the technical stuff , so I will be asking questions rather than offering solutions. But if I can I will assist .. this is a big but! ready .... here is my first...
  4. D

    Hi, Donald Silverburgh Here

    Hi all, Donal Silverburgh here, from Dallas, Texas. Happy to Signup here. Hope it'll be fun. Best Regards DS
  5. P


    hello all just signup to site look forward too using and maybe help few out thanks
  6. J

    Hey Guys

    Hi everyone! Lets watch TV!