ipab zgemma h2h

  1. B

    HD channels showing as n/a

    I have an Enigma H5.2TC box with virgin channels using Ipab build. Some of the channels stopped working so I did a rescan of the channels. The channels are now working but the channel title says <n/a> or DVB Service. I tried to do an auto boutique maker but I get an error. Anyone know how to fix...
  2. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H2H - Slow & Messed Up EPG - REFLASH?

    My Zgemma H2H which currently runs Open Vix image has many issues. From the box being slow to respond to any button pressed on the remote, all the way to half the channels being blank saying something like DVB message, and the organisation being all messed up. The image has never been updated...
  3. Pooleemad

    No scan options in service searching using Ipab H2H

    I would appreciate some help please. Using the latest ipab on my H2H VM. When I enter the service searching section there is no manual or automatic tuning selection buttons ? is this normal for ipab as I'm relatively new to this image. Thanks in advance