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  1. K

    SmartIPTV and VPN Router issue

    Hi Guys, I have recently setup a Linksys 3200 with NordVPN and its almost perfect. All the laptop/ mobile wireless connections work perfectly and have no issues, however... When the LG TV (webOS) is connected to the Linksys VPN Router, I struggle to open up any apps and SmartIPTV. When...
  2. P

    I follow for UK TV on LG Smart tv

    Hi Im looking for the following please: I follow for PRESTON NORTH END Full UK package Multi room Good selection of international channels including sport(bein, astrosports etc) All 3pm Kick Offs A good selection of VOD that gets regularly updated (potential request service too) PPV channels...
  3. juggy1

    Plex on LG tv

    Anyone else got plex on an LG tv ? My tv did a software update yesterday and after it plex was the same format and was working fine , when I put it on this morning the layout has changed and all the vod is there but the channels have gone anyone got any ideas obviously only thing I haven’t...
  4. T

    IPTV won't load playlist on my LG tv

    Hi please help I paid a guy to put a playlist on my lg tv, it was working fine but now iptv won't load the channels for me and the guy I paid is nowhere to be found how do I get my playlist to load
  5. wheelo

    IPTV Server Request Thread July, August, September 2017

    FOR IPTV ONLY!! Rules for this thread - Check the Rogues gallery thread as well !! Post what you require, be it a Football only, Movies only, or all channels servers. State if you require region specific servers State what type of device you want it for - mag box, enigma 2, android...
  6. L

    Iptv for my LG tv

    I'm looking for a sub for my LG smart tv would prefer a test line first if possible thanks
  7. B

    New TV?

    Evening all, Reaching out to the TV Geeks I've had a look at some of the reviews on the LG 55UH661V 4K TV... Price £599 Tell me what's wrong with it :) I'm aware that there isn't any 3d which doesn't bother me