1. Dar1437

    Bipolar Gene

    Researchers Find First Strong Genetic Risk Factor for Bipolar Disorder - Neuroscience News
  2. S

    copy and paste link

    hi, anyone know how to copy and paste a link to zgemma box, this is for iptv, thanks
  3. geoffsnook

    Broadband test

    Hi is there any way to tell if your virgin line is still active thanks in advance
  4. M

    Vu+ zero openvix to Whooshbuild v5 not flashing

    hi there, I just wanted to ask, I'm having trouble trying to set up my vu+ zero with wooshbuild v5. My box currently has openvix but I am trying to update to wooshbuild. I have restored 2 usbs to fat32 and placed my line and the image to the usb. I have then turned the box on and it still...
  5. C

    SSPPV anywhere to find it?

    Hi guys I understand the situation with the channels atm. I'm using zgemma h2s on wooshbuild v5, I have went to the wooshbuild tv section and can find sly sports news etc. I cannot find the PPV Channel. Is there any way to find this or is it not possible? WrestleMania tomorrow would rather...
  6. HiTecK

    OTHER Edison Download Upload Section HERE!

    This section Edison is new as of this post date, Upload/Download is HERE. So we wont see members asking where the download section is.... Will we :rolleyes::D. :).