1. G

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER freezing on xtrend logo

    Hi there everyone ive just turned my box on (xtrend et8500) and its frozen on the xtrend logo. Ive tried unplugging and turning on to no avail. Can anybody help me with resolving this issue. Thanks Guys.
  2. C

    Dsayers 6.1 image - A few teething issues

    Hi guys, I've managed to update my box from the old 6.0 image to Dsayers 6.1 image and it runs really well. However there are a few issues that need resolving: 1. IPTV does not update or work. When I try updating from the current version (2017.10.23.01), I get the message "THERE IS NO UPDATE...
  3. egt1

    ipad mini2 will not boot up

    Hi My ipad shows apple logo then immediately goes black. I can see no charging icon or anything and cannot get it to power up Anyone got a solution
  4. HiTecK

    Anyone very good at a new logo for our site.

    Is anyone good at making logo's on here that we will use for new dark style. If so message me and I will give you the details of what's needed. I also need it asap. Sorry to sound impatient but I want the style up yesterday, well members do :haha:;). Thanks HT.