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  1. Baldwin96

    EPG for IPTV Subsciption which isn't .M3U file

    Hi, I'm in the process of converting my Zgemma box from Nlines to IPTV and I am having problems getting an EPG. The subscription I have contains the username and password to access the channels within the line. I am able to access the channels after adding the line to my box but they are all...
  2. S

    IPTV newb

    I have installed IPTV player and TSmedia plugins on my Zgemma h.2h. Where do i ftp any .m3u file (sub) to with filezilla? I don't see any userm3u folder after reading a few tutorials. A simple step by step guide would be good :)
  3. mtpockets

    E-Channelizer 2017-03-05

    This windows tool allows you to: Manage / Edit Enigma2 bouquets Import IPTV streams Attach Picons, ID's for EPG etc And so much more! ;)