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  1. PCM

    Loading portal gives black screen...

    My 'friend' has two portals on a Mag254. One loads perfectly. The other, from a trusted and used before, third party, when selected, just gives a totally black screen when loading, and no more. The third party at their end can see a 'connection'. It used to work, the URL is a new one, but...
  2. B

    MAG 256

    Hi guys , just tried to add a sub to a mag 256 and in the portal In servers it’s only got general and more (no portals) and then when it’s loading if I press menu it’s got embedded and portal 1 and 2 but I can’t customise them , I tried to factory reset it but doesn’t look like it’s worked , I...
  3. P

    mag 256 freezing and jumping

    hi was wondering I some one could help my mag 256 keep freezing when watch in hd channels when live sport is on the 3rd channels run fine the hd channels run fine through the week it just seems to be on the weekend when the footy or boxing is on my broadband speed is 67 mbps is there a fix for...
  4. P

    mag 256 freezing and jumping

    hi guys so I'm new to this iptv my mag box keeps freezing and jumping while I'm watching hd sports streams disney do it in sd and if there is no sport on the hd channels run perfect as well my internet speed is running at 67 mbps any advice will be much appreciated
  5. S

    Mag 254 - Custom Firmware Upgrade.

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me with the following: I have bought a Mag 254 from eBay. Works perfectly fine and I am with happy with my current sub. However I am unable to record channels to my local hard drive... my iptv supplier mentioned that developers of mag have blocked this...
  6. B

    Mag 254 stuttering channels-will 256 fix

    Hi. I have the mag254. Is there a big difference with this and the 256? I find on some USA channels it’s slightly choppy during sports as in the ball will trickle to a player in the picture, will this box improve that? I’ve been told the dreamlink1+ will due to its processor but I’d rather stay...