media player

  1. B

    Modern WD Player equivalent

    Hi, I had a WD Player ( not Live Player) a few years back which allowed me to play films on the tv from an sd card, or usb. I've several films downloaded from TPB in MP4 but can't get past the 4gb restriction on FAT32, as each film is 6 gb+. Is there a simple MP4 Splitter that would allow the...
  2. S

    How to change IPTV media player on Dreambox

    How do I change the media player engine of my current IPTV listing on my Dreambox 800SE to OE16 ?
  3. _BAZ

    Is there a media player box that can do this?

    What’s the best way to achieve the requirement for a piece of hardware that can be plugged into a TV or big screen and it will automatically play an infinite number of videos, on shuffle and in a continuous loop, without any need for user interaction beyond plugging it in? It’s for promotional...