1. B

    volkswagen golf gtd mark 6

    hi just wondering if anyone has an idea of how to view mp4 format on the media player ? manys thanks
  2. R

    V8S Newbie in Trouble after upgrade

    Hi all and sorry for this rather novice post Had an Openbox for a while but don't use it much. Did a firmware upgrade tonight (well it seemed like a good idea!) and and finally got back to a working channel list. But The XMLTV EPG still does not work (Channel decompress failed). - Is that me or...
  3. D

    NAS or PC Server ?

    I'm contemplating starting off my own home plex server. I'd also like to take use of HRTunerProxy on my VU+ and have the ability to stream live TV via my E2Box through my home server to any of my away from home devices. So the NAS or PC Server will need to be capable of transcoding (so I...
  4. G

    Home Media System.....

    Hi all.... Sorry about this, but I'm goin mad, I know what I want to do, seems so easy but the more I look into it it becomes v.confusing and mega expensive........ So hope I don't confuse ya. Please Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Current: I have my TiVo box, zGemma and an android box...
  5. T

    losing my wifi when i plug in adroid

    sorry if in wrong place i have a strange 1 i got a loan of my brothers android box but when i plug it in i lose my wifi on my laptop
  6. F

    External Cable Cover

    Hi, Please can someone advise were I can buy a length of the brown cable cover (as installed by VM) shown on the attached picture. I'm struggling to find it online.
  7. HiTecK

    Cleveland killer uploads his muder to social media. still on the run NOW. Stevie Steve

    Is anyone following the sick freak Stevie steve on Social Media, Mainly Twitter but now getting onto Facebook. The Cleveland suspect said he has killed 13 people so far and has blamed his ex-girlfriend and mother. He had been posting on Facebook for at least four hours before his page was taken...
  8. D

    Virgin Media - Galway, Republic of Ireland

    I'm considering getting VM setup at home and was wondering about using my Gigablue Quad+ which has 2xDVB-C tuners installed. I've hit a couple of issues. I don't see Galway in the AMB list. I see Dublin and Waterford1 and Waterford2 but all 3 of these don't work for me. I've also tried a full...
  9. C

    Radio Code 2000 Chrysler Voyager

    Please help radio code Part No. P04859504AB-A Date Code 0339 S/N TQ1 AA 033938807 supplier 17719A