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multi lnb

  1. C

    Moving multi LNB dish from one property to another

    If I had a multi-LNB satellite set-up at one location and wanted to move it to another location 3 MILES away. Assuming no damage in transit, would the LNBs need adjusted or could it just be popped back onto a new pole?
  2. Halopenos

    Dish set up

    I am looking to get a multi LNB set up installed for football and was wondering what are the 3 best sats to choose, I have 28.2e, 16e and what last one should I choose for football? Basically what is the best for premier league, la liga, champions league etc? 19.2?
  3. Halopenos

    Motorised or multi LND

    Hello, I am looking to install a motorised dish in my house and I’m struggling to find someone providing that service but there is someone who would set up a dish with 3 LNbs as I need to connect to 3 satellites (19.2e, 16e and 28.2e) but was wondering if that is a viable option which wouldn’t...
  4. grog68

    motorised or fixed multi lnb with multiple boxes

    I'm thinking about playing with multisats. I know most of the obvious questions have been answered but here are a few I haven't seen. 1. I have a pole fixed to the back of the house with an old CB (who remembers them) antenna fixed to it. If I wanted a multi sat set up would it worth fixing...