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    VU+ 4K boxes finally supporting multistream

    Good news for VU+ 4K box owners. They are now supporting multistream MIS with the DVB-S2X tuners. I saw this in the release notes for Open Vix last night and it's also confirmed on VU Plus Community for Black Hole. I'm sure the other images will also support.
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    New 4K Sat receiver

    Looking for a new box and think Mut@nt HD51 might be best option. Can anyone tell me if this box supports HDR via HDR10 or HLG-HDR? Is there a good replacement remote as I've read the Mut@nt remotes are not very good? Are there any that are blutooth as want to feed the box into 2 rooms. Are...
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    HD51 4K HD51 - Questions on receiver

    I like my VU+ Solo 2 but want a box that is 4K capable (Sport TV, RAI & TRT) and can support multistream viewing (5W) with more than one tuner. I wanted to stay with VU+ but they all appear to be ruled out just now: VU+ Zero 4k - not enough tuners VU+ Uno 4K SE, Duo 4K, Ultimo 4K - no...