1. Jerboa

    Hard drive recommendation for a NAS system

    I have a netgear Nas system with 2 x WD 3tb drives, which I've had for some time now, looking to either replace them for larger drives, or buy a new Nas with more drive bays, looking online for compatable drives, at 6tb or 8tb, but from reading some reviews on amazon, they have negative feedback...
  2. N

    First time building nas

    Hi everyone, hoping you can help advice before any money gets wasted The plan is to setup a Nas on a vessel accross 5 floors with up to 30 people at a time able to access. Everyone needs to be able to access wirelessly using either phone/tablet or laptop. Ideally downloading files to watch...
  3. A

    Nas server

    Hey guys I'm looking at getting a nas server for use at home for watching films on fire stick and kodi boxes etc. What is a good starter nas setup?
  4. D

    NAS or PC Server ?

    I'm contemplating starting off my own home plex server. I'd also like to take use of HRTunerProxy on my VU+ and have the ability to stream live TV via my E2Box through my home server to any of my away from home devices. So the NAS or PC Server will need to be capable of transcoding (so I...
  5. Stephen Shaw

    Windows 10 Windows 10 as Home Server??

    Hi folks, After recently buying a laptop I now have a redundant PC and thinking about using it as a home server/plex server and a place to download my NZB's to. Is it possible to use the PC for this? Its running Windows 10 Pro on it. Any help much appreciated. Steve
  6. J

    NAS recommendations?

    I've got a Seagate Personal Cloud at the moment, but it isn't really beefy enough for what I need. I know I can expect to be spending in the hundreds on this but that's fine, I just want to know what I'm buying will do what I want. Basically, I've got a load of DVDs ripped for the kids that I'd...