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new box advice

  1. gigsta


    Hi all looking for a reasonable priced (£100) 4 channel dvr recorder only,analog and hd with 1tb hardrive for my 2 cameras need motion detection phone viewing also.Could somebody please point me in the right direction make model etc must be reliable thanks in advance for any info.
  2. M

    Introducing me

    Total newbie. Limited knowledge. First time h2s on virgin cable 50mg with wooshbuild
  3. Q

    new cable box upgrade

    hi guys, want to upgrade my current box ( Zgemma star H1 ) running openvix as this doesn't allow me to record & watch 2 seperate channels , i can only record the channel i'm watching , i am on VM Cable , i only have one feed no Sat in the house so i'm looking for advice on what to get , so...