1. Dar1437

    Cutting edge Tech at CES

    Cutting-Edge Tech Is at CES 2024. These Are Our Faves Today
  2. Ferret.

    Viark PT VIARK SAT 4K VIARK SAT 4K_V1.19

    PT VIARK SAT 4K (1.07) 07/9/21
  3. manic01

    TM5402 M4 patch 23 08 2021 2021-08-24

    BEWARE SERVER 40 Removed on this patch TM-5402 M4_23082021_P.bin 23/08: Teletext added to "SubT" button, Info-banner shows more information, EPG menu page skip using "Rewind/Forward" buttons, Adjusted Advanced Search timing, "Exit" button now has "Recall" function when watching a live channel.
  4. manic01

    TM5402M4 210621 1.04 1.04

    New patch 210621 TM-5402_M4_21062021_P.bin RedT (Porn) = enter 1121 in main menu, then go to Apps Audio issues on server for 28e seems sorted,
  5. P

    Mini Display Port

    Hello guys, I'm planning to use my iMac 27in as an external display for the PC which I'm building. My iMac has a mini display port and the graphics card has a display port. I have seen that you can switch between the 2. Just need advise on what cable I require as I can I see mini DP to DP, would...
  6. P

    IPTV Smarters_v4.3.4 v4.3.4

    Here you go Guys And Girls updated version of smarters for firestick or andriod boxs tested it and works fine no adds enjoy
  7. stuss

    New router

    Talk Talk contacted the significant other Saturday morning.. Caron humoured talk talk .. The advisor offered a new router. Sagemcom 5364 Price over 18 months. £20.00 no increase free postage It arrived this evening courtesy of a neighbour.. Plugged it in. connected to her phone via wifi...
  8. A

    Looking for Android phone under £250

    Hi, Looking for some advice as I'm looking to get a new phone as my samsung S4 is now getting clunky. I've been looking at the XiaoMi Mi5 64GB for £200. Just wondering if anyone else out there have any recommendations? Thanks in advance Matt
  9. F

    looking at using iptv as well as my sub not sure where to start

    hi hope someone can help I ok with the zgemma box but this ipty bit I am lost so here goes I have a h2s box running wooshbuild v5 I am wanting to get back all the channels I have lost in the same boat as everybody else so looking at going down the road of iptv as well as my sub some my...
  10. B

    A780 Help - New To KV

    Hi all, Sorry for noob questions but im a openbox/sly user. Im looking at moving over to cable tv and looking to use a KV A780 as its a cheap box (what i need) Do these boxes still work with a valid N line? How do channel updates work on these boxes, automatic, manual? And do they have...
  11. jolly3434

    VPN provider 'Avoid all US and UK based services' ??

    'Avoid all US and UK based services' can someone explain to me does it mean not to buy or get a 'vpn provider' from below countrys ? and does it mean not to use a server to connect from those countrys as well ? or is it ok to still use UK am i protected? thankyou if you can help i got NordVPN...
  12. Leigh77

    epg url for perfect player??

    hi guys im new to iptv but i got a m3u url which i use on Perfect player on my android player but i cant seem to get the epg working. is there a general url i can use?
  13. R

    IPTV on Apple TV?

    Hi, I'm new to IPTV and just wondering if you can use Apple TV 4th gen for IPTV Cheers
  14. S

    Need iptv sub

    Hi, can anyone help looking for quality reliable iptv must have epg for android/fire tv, hope to hear soon thanks
  15. BeardedKing

    Advice on what cable box to buy

    Hi All, I currently have a Vu+ Solo2 but want to upgrade to a cable box as I want HD channels. This box runs at lightning speed so I'm looking for a similar box that is for cable. The Vu+ Duo 2 is waaaaaaay too expensive so does anyone have any tips on what to go for? I don't want a...
  16. N

    Anyone here fluent in Kodi when installing SportsMania?

    It's driving me nuts trying to get Ultimate Mania installed on my Fire TV Box. Installed Kodi 17.1, got the repo from SportsMania, unzipped and updated, go into their repo folder, find SportsMania, Sports Nation HD and UltimateMania all there but if I click on any and press 'install' nothing...
  17. HiTecK

    Anyone very good at a new logo for our site.

    Is anyone good at making logo's on here that we will use for new dark style. If so message me and I will give you the details of what's needed. I also need it asap. Sorry to sound impatient but I want the style up yesterday, well members do :haha:;). Thanks HT.