nissan micra radio code

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    Radio Code

    Anyone be able to help me find a radio code?
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    Can anyone help!

    I’ve got a Nissan micra 53 plate, it’s asking for a code for the radio but I don’t have it! The serial number is sjnecak1201063481
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    Nissan Micra 2010 sat nav code HELP!

    Can anyone help with a code for a Nissan Micra sat nav/ radio system? I had my battery replaced and it's now locked, I was never given the code! SERIAL NUMBER:3139354 Device number:7612830023 Date: 10/05/06 I've got a long journey coming up and really need it working. Thank you
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    Radio Code For Nissan Micra 2004

    Hey Guys, I am new on here and I am in a bit of a pickle, I got a Nissan Micra 2004, and the radio won't work, this was because it needed a new battery now, it keeps asking me for a code.... Can anyone help me out with this so I can use it? Here is the codes; Name: BLAUPUNKT BP234746056378...