nissan micra radio code

  1. A

    Nissan radio code

    Hi I am new to this forum and looking for help with Nissan Radio code Micra 2011 Serial number 2396958 Device number 7612830051
  2. P

    Nissan micra acenta- radio help please

    Hi everyone, sorry if this has been discussed. Had my car fixed and the code error has come up. I’ve never had the cars manual. does anyone know the radio code for a Nissan micra acenta 62 plate thank you in advance
  3. S

    09 Micra radio code

    Hi, can anyone help me with the radio code for my 2009 micra? We've lost it. Serial number: PP3001MB0060572 Reg no: NA09 GN0 Thanks
  4. E

    Nissan radio code 2018

    Hi there my battery went dead in my Nissan micra 2018 and when I got it up and started again it asked for a radio code I have no notion about what the code could be would make my day if someone could help it says Thanks again for your help!
  5. pplhg

    Nissan Micra 2003 radio code

    Hi I recently get in possession of Micra 2003 but the previous owner didn’t know the code for the radio can anyone help me with this please please That’s the radio details BP234631982131 7642346318 Please anyone
  6. K

    Nissan Mirca radio code

    Hi I hope you guys can help I need a radio code for my daughters Nissan Mirca BP234631980368 Thank you in advance
  7. E

    nissan micra 2016 radio code

    seriel DW61N02569 PART 28185 3VV1A PROD DATE 16 01 08 pls help me
  8. A

    Can anyone help!

    I’ve got a Nissan micra 53 plate, it’s asking for a code for the radio but I don’t have it! The serial number is sjnecak1201063481
  9. K

    Nissan Micra 2010 sat nav code HELP!

    Can anyone help with a code for a Nissan Micra sat nav/ radio system? I had my battery replaced and it's now locked, I was never given the code! SERIAL NUMBER:3139354 Device number:7612830023 Date: 10/05/06 I've got a long journey coming up and really need it working. Thank you
  10. S

    Radio Code For Nissan Micra 2004

    Hey Guys, I am new on here and I am in a bit of a pickle, I got a Nissan Micra 2004, and the radio won't work, this was because it needed a new battery now, it keeps asking me for a code.... Can anyone help me out with this so I can use it? Here is the codes; Name: BLAUPUNKT BP234746056378...