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  1. pugsteve

    Windows 7 upgrade laptop

    I currently run windows 7 home on my laptop , its an oldish laptop but works perfectly fine still looks brand new but the memory is poor 2gb ram and 80g hdd i wanna upgrade the HDD too a SSD too make it run faster but how would i know what SSD i would need? the laptops only used for basic...
  2. K

    Noobie - Virgin zgemma help noobie first post

    Hi everyone i could really use some help please :)? Thinking about cancelling vm and keeping only the broadband service , i have seen some posts around here saying you can split the line coming in and feed the router with one and the zgemma with the other cable. 1- does this give me all...
  3. D

    Bonjour, How you doin'?

    I am Nik was Parisian but I reside LDN W2 now, I like Trains, Films, Tutorials and friendly people who can help noobies leik me! Regards Nikalous aka Nik
  4. F

    looking at using iptv as well as my sub not sure where to start

    hi hope someone can help I ok with the zgemma box but this ipty bit I am lost so here goes I have a h2s box running wooshbuild v5 I am wanting to get back all the channels I have lost in the same boat as everybody else so looking at going down the road of iptv as well as my sub some my...
  5. N

    What firmware for Zgemma h2s to run IPTV

    as it says in the title
  6. B

    A780 Help - New To KV

    Hi all, Sorry for noob questions but im a openbox/sly user. Im looking at moving over to cable tv and looking to use a KV A780 as its a cheap box (what i need) Do these boxes still work with a valid N line? How do channel updates work on these boxes, automatic, manual? And do they have...
  7. R

    IPTV on Apple TV?

    Hi, I'm new to IPTV and just wondering if you can use Apple TV 4th gen for IPTV Cheers
  8. Buckham_uk

    IPTV for ps4

    Does anyone know of anyone that offers this for the PS4? Or if the PS4 even has the capabilities to run IPTV? I have a smart tv with plex on it if that also helps....? Total noob looking into it with how the current situation looks
  9. D

    Hi - another noob

    Just ordered a zgemma H.2S. Joined the forum as it seems great resource. Hopefully I'll be doing more reading than posting daft questions.