nvidia shield

  1. Prim@l

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming Device 16GB / Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Device 8 GB bargain

    Prime Day prices - don't think you will get it cheaper anywhere for for new?! Nvidia Shield TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £170.05 with code PROMOFIVE Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Streaming Device - 8 GB - £122.55 with code PROMOFIVE Source: Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming...
  2. S

    nvidia shield help

    hi i have installed iptv on nvidia shield but the setup on tv seems bigger than what it was on my old box is there any settings on shield i can alter to make it smaller thank you
  3. T

    Nvidia shield

    Could anyone help me to get full access to the Google store on nvidia shield please
  4. penty2008

    best android device?

    Hi guys, can anyone recommend a good hardwired android box? I’m using stbemu, plex and titanium tv Internet speeds are shocking over vpn with my current firestick with it being wireless, plus it’s struggling to process the demands. I’ve been looking at the formuler and Nvidia shields, any...
  5. S


    When I connected my PC direct to router I get 150mbps but when I connect my Nvidia shield I’m only getting 20-30mbps is there anything I can do. I don’t know why I can’t get 150mbps on my Nvidia shield when it has a 1000mbps capacity