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nvidia shiled

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    Nvidia Shield

    Has anyone used the Nvidia Shield for IPTV yet? If so could you drop a quick review to help me decide to buy or leave. Cheers.
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    HDMI-CEC stops working on nvidia shield

    As the subject says , HDMI-CEC has stopped working on my shield. It was working perfectly but stopped sometime between the last update and now. It used to turn on and off the tv when I shut down the shield but stopped doing that. All settings remain the same. Tried the usual of turning...
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    Nvidia sync problem

    As the title says I've been having problems trying to sync sound to vision on my Nvidia Shield. I currently have the "Bouncing ball" set to 130 but I've tried all from 0 to 200. What has everyone got theirs set to? Or is there another way to sync the Nvidia? Thanks in advance.
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    Best Android App for IPTV

    Howdy Lads, Longtime lurker here. Looking to get advice on the best Android App for an IPTV sub. I have had various android boxes over the years and decided to invest in an Nvida Shield (As I like the Android TV OS). Now I want to get a a good IPTV app that has a nice UI and will respond to the...