1. R

    Z8 vs GTV vs Nvidia Shield TV

    Hi all I’m looking for some advice from people that have experienced the products mentioned below. I currently have a Z8 box and was looking at buying a Nvidia Shield TV Pro because I was really being drawn to their 4K upscaling. Then I noticed formuler had released a new box, the GTV which...
  2. grantdavey91

    Help with Upgrading Components please.

    Hi All. Hoping for some help here. I know a bit about hardware for desktops but it's been around 10 years since I was 'up to date' in the computer components field. I have a desktop low profile PC. Model Acer Aspire AX3300 I'm looking to upgrade a few components. I've already upgraded the...
  3. Y

    graphics cards

    hi all hoping for some help. was on my PC on Friday and it went to black screen , so from looking around from what i gather my HDMI cable was not connected to my TV and that was the cause , so need help i have done and tried all of this stuff reboot kill power deleted drivers deleted graphics...