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  1. J

    WooshBuild Jedimakerxstream deleting my satellite bouquet

    Hi guys needing a little bit of help here, so I have my sat channels and so my iptv ones on octagon enigma woosh build When I run the jedi maker to make bouquet it deletes my satellite ones, is there a way to prevent this from happening as I would like to use the option for the iptv bouquets to...
  2. Ferret.

    Images OpenHDF-6.5-106-Octacon sf8008-Backup-Memorist_22.04.2021 2021-04-23

    OpenHDF-6.5-106-Octacon sf8008-Backup-Memorist_22.04.2021 Video Mode 2160p use Tv , supports !! 1080p is set Picon: Türksat & Hotbirt Oscam 11.691 Cccam 2.3.9 online SoftCam.key up to date PowerVu ok. Skins -EkselanceCN-FHD It is a great pleasure for me. I hope we will have good work in the...