1. dsayers2014

    Purevpn manager plugin 1.0.1

    Purevpn manager plugin. Here is an interesting purevpn manager plugin I've found With this plugin you have the possibility to use the VPN provider PureVPN on your box, only possible with a subscription of the provider. murxer wrote: Features: Configs are...
  2. dsayers2014

    Enigma2 Open VPN Document 2018-03-18

    Enigma2 OpenVPN Setup guide to download OpenVPN configs via script and uses OpenVPN changer to switch countries. VPN,s added so far 1) Nord VPN 2) IP Vanish 3) Digibit 4) Pure VPN
  3. thomaskieron

    Cable OpenVPN on Virmin

    Has anyone managed to get Open VPN working on Virmin in the Manchester area? H7C connected to Archer C7 router, S/Hub3 in modem mode. DNS set to and on the router. Kieron
  4. B

    Cable H7 OpenVPN Performance?

    Anyone know the maximum speed the H7 can reach with VPN on it? I know the h2h/h2s max out around 10-12mb but the H7 has a far superior processor.
  5. Settings


  6. dsayers2014

    Scripts and Guide for setting up OpenVPN with Most VPN,s on Enigma2

    Guide for setting up OpenVPN with Most VPN,s on Enigma2 This Guide is for setting up OpenVPN with my private network if done correctly it should download and install your openvpn configs via a simple script Create an account with my private network -
  7. dsayers2014

    Using OpenVPN on VM Hub 3

    Has anyone managed to setup OpenVPN on enigma2 on VM 3 router? I have tried several VPN,s and every time I start OpenVPN I loose internet connection on box, I managed to setup OpenVPN on BT years ago on my old Zgemma Star 2s when I was with BT but now im trying with Virgin it fails I loose...