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    OpenWebIf weird remote display

    Hello, with a Zgemma H.2H, openATV 6.2, Wooshbuild, When I open OpenWebIf remotely from the PC using the IP address, I have a weird display (see picture). I use Chrome, but same thing with Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that is the Zgemma end with the issue. OpenWebIf was displaying fine...
  2. Saving Screen shots for posting box issues on forum

    Saving Screen shots for posting box issues on forum

    To post clear pics of your enigma2 box type the IP address of enigma2 box in your web browser you should be brought to OpenWebif. Click Screen Grab this will show a pic of your box right click on the pic and choose save as
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    Hi guys trying to stream my h2h to kodi bit keep getting message saying engima 2 client lost on kodi. Have put the ip address in and enabled the pvr but cant seem to connect any help will be appreciated greatly thanks
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    question about openwebif streams

    I've got a cable receiver in one room of the house and a satellite one in another - is it possible to use the M3U file from the cable channels as a stream on the satellite box?