1. Ferret.

    Other TM5402 M4 Patch Latest 10/10/2022

    Latest TM5402 M4 patch 10/10/2022 AU BISS improved About Menu (SN) fixed BISS delete option Redtube: Enter 1121 in Main Menu
  2. manic01

    TM5402 M4 patch 07 09 2021 2021-09-08

    Patch 07 09 2021 Connect to network and then check Main Menu > About Redtube: Enter 1121 in Main Menu Server 40 ok
  3. manic01

    TM5402 M4 patch 23 08 2021 2021-08-24

    BEWARE SERVER 40 Removed on this patch TM-5402 M4_23082021_P.bin 23/08: Teletext added to "SubT" button, Info-banner shows more information, EPG menu page skip using "Rewind/Forward" buttons, Adjusted Advanced Search timing, "Exit" button now has "Recall" function when watching a live channel.
  4. manic01

    New Patch TM5402 M4 19 05 2021 2021-05-19

    TM-5402_M4_19052021_P Multi Stream added, Added more LNB options Deleting all transponders when you delete a satellite No other info available as yet. UPDATE The new patch has caused a data base error where if you move or delete channels it moves some to 53e, TM are aware and patch being...
  5. K

    Spider box 6000hd won't register

    I have uploaded a patch and channel list but the IKS won't register and the key is all zeros. Can anyone help?