1. S

    Satellite Pause iptv with Wooshbuild on H7s?

    As the title suggests is there a way to pause IPTV when watching Live TV, VOD or using Xtream? I can pause when viewing the fta channels on non IPTV beaquets, but oddly not via iptv means. IPTV was loaded via Suls. External hard drive of 500gb, mounted, swap file of 256mb and timeshift and...
  2. rapture_ni

    Timeshift iptv VOD

    I've had my iptv set up in bouquets for a while now and I'm well happy with the tv setup and the timeshift works fine with normal tv viewing Though I put on T2 and couldn't even go for a piss during it as the timeshift for some reason won't work with the VOD but will with the streamed...
  3. siilver

    Paused iptv recording crash

    when I play a recoded iptv stream and I pause the recording The box crash Anyone else have this Running Openatv 6.0 H2s