1. dsayers2014

    Christmas avatars

    A little later but let see you Christmas Avatars. For me I like dragons and minions I've had a dragon gif most of the year so for Christmas I thought I would do minions for Christmas. My gif doesn't seem to work in avatar maybe too big but I like the pic. Hopefully this gif will work Let's...
  2. A


    Hey all, for the past few days I'm trying to sort a problem out that somewhat baffling me. I didn't do anything, nor changed any settings. But all my free channels aren't showing any pictures. The sound is there, but no picture. On the other hand! I switch to premium channels like Sky Sports...
  3. cactikid

    picture quality between vga and dvi

    Ok i had to swap a desktop to use on my aoc monitor and notice picture is crap shiver and distorted icons on screen,another tv used vga and same results.hdmi if available perfect picture. so pc only has vga and tv has hdmi and vga=bad picture. i cannot remember with old pc i had there if...
  4. 8valia

    None of the paid international channels working

    Hi guys, non of the premium international channels are working. Anyone else got the same issue or does any1 know what’s going on ?