1. Ferret.

    Plugins Born2Tease Born2Tease

    Born2Tease Plugin for Adult Only +18 v.1.0 Thanks @Lululla
  2. Ferret.

    Multi Stalker Plugin

    Multi-Stalker plugin Beta you can add up to 50 portal and navigate between them easily the config file is located in home /home/stalker.conf open the file and add your portals , from 0 to 49 like below it's better to install service app and exteplayer3 now open...
  3. Ferret.

    Plugins Revcam E2 Plugin Latest

    Revcam_1.1_all Plugin is used to activate a Revcam subscription. This download will be updated as and when available.
  4. Ferret.

    Plugins surfsharkvpn_1.0.3_all Plugin surfsharkvpn_1.0.3_all Plugin

    surfsharkvpn_1.0.3_all Plugin SurfSharkVPN-Manager murxer wrote: With this plugin you have the possibility to use the VPN provider SurfSharkVPN on your box, only possible with a subscription from the provider. Functions: Configs are imported in the menu using the green button (no access...
  5. dsayers2014

    Purevpn manager plugin 1.0.1

    Purevpn manager plugin. Here is an interesting purevpn manager plugin I've found With this plugin you have the possibility to use the VPN provider PureVPN on your box, only possible with a subscription of the provider. murxer wrote: Features: Configs are...
  6. cactikid

    Program to translate page.

    Using Firefox on w7 wondered what people use to translate a foreign page to english.
  7. T

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER ET8500 LCD screen

    Hello, Is there a way to use the ET8500 LCD screen for watching a webcam output?
  8. O

    H9S SD CARD Compatibility

    Hello guys, I am planning to purchase Micro-SD for the box to install image on + plugins I found Kingston SDCR/32GBSP with 100MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write speeds Which is good for the receiver to act like its internal flash Can you advise if it is compatible with the card reader of Zgemma H9S ?
  9. O


    Hello, OpenATV 6.2 Latest Version comes with Softcam Panel built-in or I need to install it manual from plugins menu ? If there is any better alternative way please tell ! Thanks,
  10. O

    H9S Stalker IPTV Tutorial

    Hello guys, I have ordered Zgemma H9S box and I am trying to be ready for it when it comes. So I still have the IPTV part. As I see that the best IPTV service is via Stalker so how can I install it on OpenATV and subscribe to it. Thanks in advance
  11. C

    Catch up TV / On Demand - IPTV Player / Plugins

    Hi I'm currently looking for catchup support be it a plug in or if there's something to add within the IPTV Player Plugin. I have an IPTV sub and that has a 7day catchup which I really can't fault however I'm looking for something like Channel 4 and Channel 5 catchup The IPTV Player plugin...
  12. dsayers2014

    IP Checker 004

    IP checker can be used to check the external IP Adress of your box, this can be used to check if your VPN is working as the external IP Address should change when turning OpenVPN on and off. FTP the ipk to tmp to install it on box OpenATV Menu... setup... software management... install...
  13. A


    The albatros plugin don't work for me anymore for some reason i press WSS-Sport an it always freezes i uninstalled d plugin n reinstalled sme thing happend I took a pic of d log as wel if ne1 cn pinpoint the problem TIA
  14. jordynorm

    OpenVix Working but no VFD Plugin

    Hi guys, I flashed my H2H with the OpenVix 5.1.002 from the Zgemma website and got it all working, at initial setup the box asked me if I wanted plugins so I selected MGCAMD, AutoBouquetMaker and a few skins. Got it all setup and working fine. Then I've noticed the VFD just displays 00 so I've...
  15. C

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER iptv issue

    Hi all can anyone shed some light on a issue I'm having with the iptv player on my et8500, Sometimes when I try o watch a film or program it will come up with - there is no free space on the drive (/hd/movie/), it's strange because I've watched the same thing before with no problem?
  16. B

    Zgemma MKV codec plugin?

    Hello, Does anyone know if there is a plugin / ipk available for zgemma's to be able to play MKV files? Only getting sound and no picture. however works fine on other devices such as Smart TV, Android etc. Any help will be much apreciated.
  17. dsayers2014

    Dsayers Picon updater

    Dsayers Picons Updater 1.0 Plugin to download and run scripts to download Ocram's light on transparent picons from my GitHub branch and places them in hdd (100x60 picons) and hdd/SkyQ (220x132 picons) Download from here: Dsayers Picon Updater...