premium hd

  1. JacobusH

    Introduction/Need a bit of help

    Hi all, I'm pretty much a newbie to this. I might be posting this in the wrong place but I will give a little background to what I have experienced. I bought a Miraclebox Premium Micro box about 2 years ago. A friend of mine introduced me to satellite tv through a ccam line. When Sky began to...
  2. C

    Miraclebox Premium Micro HD 1x DVB-C/T/T2 Cable/Terrestrial Image

    Afternoon All Does anybody have an image to download ready-to-use, for the Miraclebox Premium Micro HD DVB-C, has a popular retailer has a great price on this reciever. Image options; OpenVIX, OpenPLi or OpenATV Thanks in advance
  3. macmain

    any takes on this box

    hi people .. whats the verdict on the miracle box premium hd.. cable.. been looking at these.. seem to be a good solid box.. anyone had a hands on with them .. are they ok to setup etc.. cheers
  4. KodiMaster

    HD Channels on Mgcamd Gifts

    Hello TK Peeps. So I've tried a couple of test gifts (Mgcamd) on my zgemma H5.2s and realised that there isn't much premium HD channels. Is this how it is across the board or are there providers who can offer HD premium channels? If so I would appreciate some leads. Please pm. Ps. I hope...