1. Chess010

    Long term printer storage in garage

    Can anyone recommend how best to store a canon printer so that reduces chance of ink heads drying out . Am thinking of removing inkjet cartridges for use in another machine and then wrapping up the printer with perhaps a damp cloth to keep it humid although that may cause corrosion so unsure and...
  2. B

    Kodak Printer Power Lead

    Hi, I have been given a Kodak printer which I am assured is in working order but it's power lead is missing. Manual says only use Switching Adapter 36v DC @ 0.9A supplied. The printer is a Kodak ESP C310. I will have to have a look on Ebay for one but am I limited exactly to that model and...
  3. S

    epsom printer p50 service

    my printer is saying the print brushes are due for a service. The printer is still working at the moment, do i need to get a new printer as the P50 is no longer made