1. Kuul Media

    4500 series Buzztv BT-100 Dual Bluetooth + IR Learning Remote Control Now in Stock - Lazer Cut keys with Backlit light buttons

    CLICK HERE: KUUL MEDIA BUZZTV NEW DUAL BLUETOOTH + IR REMOTE AVAILABLE ONLINE. KEY FEATURES: Buzztv new BT-100 remote control with dual IR and Bluetooth technology, includes a back-light feature that light up the function keys when holding down the blue key for 5 seconds to activate the light...
  2. Kuul Media

    4500 series New Buzztv Bluetooth Remote Control with BackLit lights!! BT-100 RCU

    Server - For quick access to input/switch content provider LiveTV - Press to launch Live TV VOD - Video On Demand Button TV Series - Access your Television Series PVR - Access your Recordings Categories - Quick launch of your content provider genre/categories (Tripple Function - use when in...