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    How to un-root my android box.

    Hi, I’m not entirely sure what a rooted device is to start. I have an T95Z android box and I have access to the Sky Q app. I can download it but when trying to watch something it says it won’t play on a rooted device? Is there a simple way to un-root the box? Or an easier way to get the app...
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    Android backup without root?

    It is always recommended backing up the staff on your smartphone. What would be a good choice for Android? No root is preferred.
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    Cannot log in using DCC or Filezilla DM800 HD se

    Hi, I m trying to log into a Dreambox DM800 HD se to see how iptv works on it but I cannot login, I ve used root/dreambox, root/NO PASSWORD, root/passwd and it keeps saying On DCC Bootmanager: not found. Telnet Disconnected Telnet login incorrect! On Filezilla Connection established, waiting...