sat and cable mix

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    Satellite H7s, free to air, cable and IPTV!

    Hi Thanks to all the replies ive had so far and the H7s has been bought. I have vm fibre so now know I can split the signal, so first time vermin attempted! I want to use the sat connections as normal and just have the one cable connection, as I will still use an IPTV sub. I am installing whoosh...
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    What line to go for?

    Hello guys First up can I just say you all do a sterling job. Have got so much useful information from here for a complete newbie like me so thanks so much for that. :thumbsup: Just wanted to ask a question regarding lines. I can see the request thread and what people are asking for and it's...
  3. dsayers2014

    Images Dsayers Zgemma H2H OpenATV 6 Series V3.1

    Dsayers Openatv 6 series for the zgemma H2.H with Kiddacs VSkin HD with slyk1hd set it as your skin And mgcamd1.38 and cccam2.30 with setup guide this backup has been set to generate one set of bouquets by replacing the non-available sky hd channels with vm hd channels so the channel numbers...