1. siilver

    pc software share

    i have been a mac user for many many year and just got my first windows laptop. strange for me. but over the years i have plenty of websites for "free" software, but I'm not finding many windows ones. anyone know any please and thanks
  2. HiTecK

    You have until June 23 to stop the NHS sharing your medical records with outside third parties.

    If you live in England, you have until June 23 to opt out of your data being included in a ‘digital scrape’ by the NHS, which it will share with third parties. Privacy campaigners have harshly criticised the plans of NHS Digital, which will see the medical histories of more than 55 million...
  3. celticfc

    i reboot the laptop it shuts down

    Hi i have a dell latitude E6510 and every time i reboot the laptop it shuts down and wont reboot ,i have to press power button to start up again . i have tried the power options but still the same , does anyone have any ideas please ps running win7 64bit never had this prob. before thanx again
  4. HiTecK

    OTHER DOWNLOADS For This Section is HERE.

    This section Xtrend is new as of this post date, Upload/Download is HERE. So we wont see members asking.... Will we :rolleyes:.... Yeah i am joking :D.