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    Vu Duo - Help Getting PPV Boxing To Work

    Hi guys, I am new to this site and would be really grateful if you can help. I have a Vu Duo with a cable tuner and have a VM line, all the movie channels and sly sports channels , etc are working, but I am unable to watch the Sky Sports Box Office Channel. For example yesterday was the Dillian...
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    Zgemma sky tv channels

    Hi I just recently bought a box there zgemma h2s and i was wondering how to go about unscrambling the channels like sky and sky sports?
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    Sky Sports Box Office

    In anticipation for Mayweather vs McGregor how do you know if Sky Sports Box Office is working on your box? All I get when I go on the channel is a black screen. Shouldn't there be adverts or something playing on the channel right now promoting the fight? Is there any way of checking if the...
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    Sky box office not working

    hi My sky box office previews are not working.. just a black screen.. I am wondering if there is a fix for this? Or will there be a fix for 29th April for the AJKlitschko fight.. any fixes/advice will be greatly appreciated.