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    Mag Box & Sky Q

    Hi, I've recently installed IPTV using a MAG 322 box. I also have Sky Q with a few Sky Q mini boxes. It seems that when I watch any channels on the MAG Box all the Sky Q mini boxes lose connection back to the main Sky Q box, if I turn off the MAG box, the Sky Q mini boxes reconnect to the main...
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    Newbie Help - ZGemma H3.2tc

    Hi everyone, thank you for reading this and any help you may be able to give me. I am about to purchase a ZGemma H3.2tc box and have a few questions before I do. 1 - Is it pretty easy to install a custom skin like the Sky Q new one I have seen. If so can you give me an idiots guide on how to...
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    Android box not streaming on sly Q (T95z plus)

    Hi, Would much appreciate help: I have a T95z plus android box since getting the well known sly Q it now will not stream movies or anything.... I have factory reset and made sure its up to date I then set my mobile phone data as a mobile hot-spot and was able to stream via android box...
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    Sky Q on non Sky dish?

    I have an 80cm penta dish at 19.2E and have Sky Q fed from the dish provided by Sky at 28.2E. I wan't to have 13E, 19.2E and 28.2E via fixed LNBs and a motorised dish to move about for other sats (30W, 5W, 0.8W, 9E and others as needed). I don't think adding a 3rd dish for the motorised set-up...