sky sports box office

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    Help please - Zgemma H11S Satellite TV Receiver

    Hello, completely new to this. I am cancelling my Sky sub. I have a Sky Q box at present and Sky Q dish, I have Vodafone internet and get download speeds on average of 450MBS. I want to get a Zgemma box and have access to all the channels, 3 o clock kick offs movies and box office channels. How...
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    Sky sports red button available on cable?

    Hi there Justwondering if anyone knows if the sky active/red buttom works for sky sports I have alist of them on my box but nothing is showing just a blank screen
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    Sky Box Office - Repeats

    Just wondering do the repeats throughout the day after an event on Sky Sports Box Office show on Virgin? Wanted to watch the WWE SummerSlam event but when I go to Sky Events it's just a black screen. I didn't check to see if it was on live last night.