sly setup

  1. pdw

    Upgrading to Sly Fibre & IPTV

    Hello, Im currently running Sly free sat and subscribed IPTV on an zgemma box. Im upgrading to Sly fibre to improve the service Im getting (Im now on Sly BB unlimited). My concern is that , apparently, Sly will be monitoring my line for the first 10 days or so after the upgrade to ensure...
  2. D

    Easiest Way To Get Sly Numbers With IPTV Sub?

    I'm sure someone's probably already asked this but is there an easier way to match up IPTV channels with sly channels. E.g. SS1 to 401, SS2 402 The only method I know is to edit each channel one by one using a bouquet editor like echannelizer, but this method is very long winded. Was hoping to...