software update

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    Video to Text conversion software

    Hi Chaps I have recorded a few videos from work on my mobile which are about an hour long involving lots of talking about technical stuff - then uploaded to my laptop to watch again on VLC player Rather than me sit through and write everything down - is there any recommended software programs...
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    software update file

    can i get the file to download to update tv
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    Wooshbuild 7.0

    as above is it now safe to do the software updates for Wooshbuild 7.0 as I tried it at the start and it blocked my ZEGMMA H.2S so before I do it again I thought I would check any help appreciated
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    recovery software iphone free (Dr fone)

    Hi, guys so my son gave my iphone a bath, I'm not fussed over the phone I just want my pictures and a few notes off it, I found dr fone recognised that the phone had stuff on it still which the laptop didn't, but it wants a lot of money for the privilege of doing the final bit, if anyone knows...