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sony tv

  1. R

    HDMI CEC - Forward volume keys - Sony Bravia

    hi all just got the new H9S and happy with it so far apart from the issues already discussed on the forum. one thing i cannot get to work is HDMI CEC to forward volume keys via zgemma remote to my Sony Bravia. Has anyone else had this issue and knows of a workaround? possibly a bravia thing...
  2. L

    Perfect Player Issue

    Hi, I have a Sony TV running Android and trying to use Perfect Player for IPTV. At first Perfect Player was fine and it was showing a picture with the sound but then all of a sudden i started getting sound but no picture on all of the channels. I changed the decoder to hardware but that...
  3. MarmiteX1

    Channel glitching

    Hi there, One of the channels, Sony TV(channel 782) keeps glitching every 1 minute or so, the signal is at 56% and keeps jumping from 56% to 59% and back down to 56% and i have no idea why. I did a full Automatic scan of the channels and restarted my box and still the same problem. I've also...