1. cactikid

    Video calls on laptop query.

    Windows 10 asus laptop and need to setup caller for a fright :X3: :X3: with video call as i see a camera behind my tape . Was trying to set it up on google hangouts also never used and wondered if anybody has it working and using Opera browser. Are the headsets and mics better.
  2. cactikid

    music streaming query

    Query setting up new pc and sound blaster x3 i do the speaker test and sounds from all speakers + sub yet if i go to play from You tube i only get source from front 3 speakers and sub and only a hiss on rear speakers :mask: :mask: :mask: :coldsweat:. Plugged into old pc and its the same and...
  3. Sirius

    KEF 104 speakers

    Hi some information if possible, I am thinking of buying a pair of KEF 104aB reference series speakers the seller has informed me that the main drivers have been replaced. The aB series driver (sp1039) are 100 watt where the original 104 (sp1014) was only 50watt, my question is can the 50 watt...