1. J

    4K Stalker App?

    Is there an android 4K stalker app?
  2. Ferret.

    Multi Stalker Plugin

    Multi-Stalker plugin Beta you can add up to 50 portal and navigate between them easily the config file is located in home /home/stalker.conf open the file and add your portals , from 0 to 49 like below it's better to install service app and exteplayer3 now open...
  3. O

    H9S Stalker IPTV Tutorial

    Hello guys, I have ordered Zgemma H9S box and I am trying to be ready for it when it comes. So I still have the IPTV part. As I see that the best IPTV service is via Stalker so how can I install it on OpenATV and subscribe to it. Thanks in advance
  4. rapture_ni

    H9s stalker epg times

    The time on my stalker app (top right) is correct but my epg times seemed to be an hour or 2 out, I've tried changing the information in the menus when it's loaded up but the settings simply don't save, is there a way of putting the ntp server address in somewhere, that anyone knows of?