1. Prim@l

    SGIN 10.1 Inch Tablet Android 12, 4GB RAM 64GB SSD (TF 256GB) - £99.99 Lightning deal - link above.
  2. channelking

    Sony MDR-RF810R Headphones

    Hi guys So I bought this headhphones about 8 years ago I think but had put it away as was having issues with it. Never used them Well cleaning the garage came across them but still having same issues as I did all those years ago with them. So I dont get any sound whatsoever coming through the...
  3. celldweller

    Best tablet

    Hi all What is currently the best tablet to buy? I am considering a Amazon fire tablet 10HD but there doesn't seem to be much difference compared to the 8. Considered an iPad mini but don't think I'd get full use of it. Would like something that is easy to use, reliable and potentially...
  4. Bobbywolly

    Persistant pop up

    For a few weeks now this pop up has randomly appeared when I have been on the internet using either the Chrome or Boat browsers on my Samsung S2 tablet and it's driving me nuts. The bottom left corner provides short cuts to recent apps and the top half is some random advert. Does anyone know how...
  5. dillon07

    BTC Flame gapps issues

    Hi everyone. My son's BTC Flame android tablet has been receiving the same message "unfortunately, the process has stopped." o_O for over a year now, despite logging into his gmail account and stopping/restarting services several times, and/or following onscreen...
  6. J

    Vodafone tab speed 6

    I have a Vodafone tab speed 6 and was wondering if it can connect to a tv I have tried hdmi from tablet straight to tv without any luck is there anything else I need or is it compatible?
  7. Speedygonzal

    Alexa Voice Control now works on OLD FireTV Stick

    Got a notification from Amazon today, that with the FireTV app (on phone/pc etc) I can now use Alexa (Amazon's voice control utility) on my 1st generation FireTV stick. Tried it, and it works, just like my £50 Echo dot! See