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  1. pabloescaban

    Windows 7 blank menus in applications?

    recently I've noticed that some applications have blanked out menus? for example, when I open filezilla, navigate to usr/keys folder to change/alter the lines etc, the menu's don't show filenames and I have to guess, take a butchers: This also occurs in other programmes I use, like if I...
  2. Clipboard


  3. G

    webpage adds

    Hi I have an issue with Internet explorer. When I go on some sites including this one I get a web page pop up saying warning with blue screen saying I have to ring Microsoft I know its a scam but does anyone know how to stop this thanks (also explorer add block is enabled)
  4. J

    question about openwebif streams

    I've got a cable receiver in one room of the house and a satellite one in another - is it possible to use the M3U file from the cable channels as a stream on the satellite box?