1. H

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Faulty ET8500 , what should i replace it with ?

    ET8500 came back from a 4 week repair job and is once more faulty. I want to replace it with something else , what would people suggest ? Presently a 4 x satellite tuner receiver , BUT , i could happily live with 2 or 3 sat feeds and a dvb-t.
  2. B

    Terrestrial TV on H2H?

    Is it possible to connect a rooftop aerial to a Zgemma H2H to receive terrestrial TV channels?
  3. Kuul Media

    Can anyone give me channel numbers with its DVB-T/T2 frequencies?

    Hi all, I'm trying to get hold of the DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) DVB-T & T2 Channel numbers along with its frequencies in MHz. I have uploaded SAORVIEW guide for Ireland to give you guys an idea of what i'm looking for (Please refer to the last page of the guide). I really need the...
  4. the reaper

    Freesat GTT Android/Cable box

    Release of new box today. http://www.techkings.org/threads/openbox-v8-pro.85622/page-11 Post 209 Reaper.