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tf slot

  1. O

    H9S SD CARD Compatibility

    Hello guys, I am planning to purchase Micro-SD for the box to install image on + plugins I found Kingston SDCR/32GBSP with 100MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write speeds Which is good for the receiver to act like its internal flash Can you advise if it is compatible with the card reader of Zgemma H9S ?
  2. Asldot

    Zgemma H2s | IPTV | TFT CARD SLOT

    HI Again, Fellow friends, Not all of us want to record and save or have a bulky HD on the Zgemma and on the box there is a TF slot. When using IPTV I have found it will only work as long as you have a HD, Flash or other device for buffering so that you can watch IPTV. My Questions are...