1. A

    Fiat Punto radio code

    Sorry to be a scrounge but I have a 2004 Punto that didn't come with a radio code when I got it and it stopped working a few months ago. Only just got organized enough to get the serial numbers and thought I found a legit way to get the code but it was a scam site. The numbers are...
  2. adamrt

    Touch Screen Has Stopped Working

    Hi, I have a Latitude 3540 and the touch screen has stopped working, anyone know how to sort this?
  3. B

    Wooshbuild 7.0

    as above is it now safe to do the software updates for Wooshbuild 7.0 as I tried it at the start and it blocked my ZEGMMA H.2S so before I do it again I thought I would check any help appreciated
  4. Thank-you-2011012_1280