twin tuner

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    New box

    Ho guys looking for opinions/help have a h5.2tc box is starting to play up not finding hdd and usb freezing lots when going through menu. need a cable box preferably twin tuner . so far reasonable price i have seen gigablue x2 can pick your tuners. any help would be appreciated.
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    Technomate Twin 4K Overheating??????

    Hi Guys Anyone with a Technomate Twin4K find that its extremely hot to touch? I took its temperature with a baby's thermometer. It read over 90 degrees on the top side. The bottom feels even hotter!! This cannot e normal or is it? Its brand new and cane with a HD fitted by W.O.S. See attached...
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    Edision OS Mini

    Hi Guys I have an Edision OS Mini box that has twin tuner, 1 for Sky 1 for Virgin, Am I Able to swap the Sky one for another Virgin one to have twin tuner Virgin or is this not possible. Thanks.
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    Zgemma H1 twin tuner

    IMG_1004 by Qvic posted Apr 13, 2017 at 11:55 AMselling my Zgemma H1 twin tuner as upgraded to 4K box comes in original box with remote, in excellent working condition £40 ono