uhd 4k

  1. disrember

    WooshBuild watching 4K channels

    I am not sure if this the right place to post this as I am new to the box having lept from a SKY box, but occasionally I watch the 4k channels ie SES UHD demo. A few things I have noticed is that when you tune to the channel it says the channel is SD, I am guessing it doesn't have an icon for...
  2. Willo3092

    Available Octagon SF4008 4K For Sale

    Octagon SF4008 4K triple tuner receiver with twin DVB-S2 & single DVB-T/C tuners. Will come with original packaging and all accessories. Cost £240.00, will accept £160 including UK postage. PayPal F&F. Octagon proudly presents the first new 4K UHD Receiver SF4008. Equipped is the Octagon...