1. Willo3092

    Sold VU+ Uno 4K SE 2 x DVB-S2X FBC

    £170 PayPal F&F or bank transfer including UK mainland postage. Bought September 2020. Hardly used, still has protective film on the display. VU+ Uno 4K SE 1x DVB-S2X FBC (8 demodulators) Twin Tuner Linux Enigma 2 PVR Receiver UHD 2160p
  2. M

    UNO 4K glitches/freezes

    Hi everyone, been having a few problems with my uno 4K. I get glitches every few minutes. It's flashed with openvix and just updated my oscam to the latest one. I no it's been discussed a few time and I'm 90% sure my config files are right and the line is ok. I was reading a post about it...