1. O

    software update file

    can i get the file to download to update tv
  2. K


    Hi I need to know how to update image on my h92s zgemma
  3. manic01

    New Patch TM5402 M4 19 05 2021 2021-05-19

    TM-5402_M4_19052021_P Multi Stream added, Added more LNB options Deleting all transponders when you delete a satellite No other info available as yet. UPDATE The new patch has caused a data base error where if you move or delete channels it moves some to 53e, TM are aware and patch being...
  4. Willo3092

    Tools Notepad++ 2021-05-09

    Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Windows Notepad replacement. Linked to the Notepad++ website download section so always the latest version.
  5. Ferret.

    Viark Viark Channel list All 55East to 34.5West for Viark Droi 4K + Viark Drs2 4k By Feneki 17-12-2023-55East-34.54West By Feneki

    Up 16/04/2021 Channel list All 55East to 34.5West for Viark Droi 4K + Viark Drs2 4k this to work you need to use latest SW 1.28 PT for Viark Droi 4K and for Viark Drs2 4k latest 1.03 PT now you can use any LNBs and motor moving with no problems Up All Abertis DTT @ 30West Up All 27.5West HD...
  6. R

    Updating smart TV software

    Hi First time in this area of Techkings, hope I'm in the right place. I have an old but hardly used Panasonic TX-L42 TV with a hard-wired connection to my router. The Panasonic Viera software is badly outdated. Some of the apps no longer exist, and others like BBC iplayer work for a few minutes...
  7. imzy

    Software update

    Hi Guys, I have an H2H box with the infinity wooshbuild, if I wanted to do a software update would that mean I would have to flash it again. also does the new infinity wooshbuild updates itself?
  8. J

    Vu+ Openvix Kodi v 17.0 won't update

    Hi, any advice for getting my Solo2 to update Kodi to 17.3? I am a newbie so an "idiots guide" response would be appreciated. (Everything I have read seemed to indicate the later versions of Openvix included Kodi 17.3 but after updating I still have Kodi 17.0, but being a newbie I may well be...