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  1. Fez1

    VIARK LIL (Prometheus 1.03): 2021-04-06

    VIARK LIL (Prometheus 1.03):
  2. R

    Updating smart TV software

    Hi First time in this area of Techkings, hope I'm in the right place. I have an old but hardly used Panasonic TX-L42 TV with a hard-wired connection to my router. The Panasonic Viera software is badly outdated. Some of the apps no longer exist, and others like BBC iplayer work for a few minutes...
  3. imzy82

    Software update

    Hi Guys, I have an H2H box with the infinity wooshbuild, if I wanted to do a software update would that mean I would have to flash it again. also does the new infinity wooshbuild updates itself?
  4. J

    Vu+ Openvix Kodi v 17.0 won't update

    Hi, any advice for getting my Solo2 to update Kodi to 17.3? I am a newbie so an "idiots guide" response would be appreciated. (Everything I have read seemed to indicate the later versions of Openvix included Kodi 17.3 but after updating I still have Kodi 17.0, but being a newbie I may well be...