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virmin setup

  1. S

    EPG issues

    Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help. I had issues updating my ABM because I had an old version set up. I have flashed my zgemma h52tc and installed grogbuild. I have an issue now where even though all the sat UK ones are ticked it still brings up 0 events
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  4. M

    How to get channels in order of VM

    Hello People this has probably been asked before but what is the easiest way to put the channels in order of vm please? Need to have the numbers and channels in order ;-) It's on the ipad tv setup. Thanks in advance
  5. M

    Using H.2S as a combo

    Hi guys, need some help with my Zgemma. I currently have a H.2S. Having looked around this forum, I see people have managed to get a combo going on with this box to use both sly and Virmin lines. My questions are, is it worth me getting a tuner that allows me to use both C and S? Which one...
  6. MAD DOG 81

    hiya using a zgemma h2h and h2s site has been great for info so far but still need help

    hi im using a zgemma h2h and cant get a picture on virmin tried loads of images n builds n no joy but could be down to not using 2 cams and cant get much sly channels as in movies or sports except ssp 2 n 5 n ssp 5 roi would be great if someone could tell me how to setup oscam too and my live...